SUMMARY: The action of several bacteriostatic substances on strains of pleuro-pneumonia-like organisms has been tested. Suitable concentrations of thallium acetate and penicillin in the media were inhibitory for ordinary bacteria, but allowed the pleuropneumonia-like organisms to grow in pure culture and facilitated their primary isolation. These two bacteriostatic substances were also useful for the isolation of strains on plate cultures. The addition of thallium acetate alone to media used for maintaining strains in subculture diminished the number of contaminations.

The media gave variable results, depending on the batch of serum used for enrichment. The routine addition of fresh yeast extract yielded consistently good growths of all strains of pleuropneumonia-like organisms tested. The effective factor in the yeast was not the ‘V’ factor required by Pfeiffer's influenza bacillus.


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