SUMMARY: The production of a thermolabile, somatic antigenic modification by growth of in media containing serum has been demonstrated by agglutinin-absorption methods and by passive protection of mice against infection. Suspensions produced by growth in serum media have been termed OL-suspensions, to signify their possessing both the thermostable O-antigen, and a labile L-antigen.

OL-suspension stimulated the production of immune sera in rabbits which protected mice fully against infection with the homologous strain and partly against infection with the other strains tested. Such sera contained agglutinins against the thermostable O-antigens, agglutinins against the thermo-labile L-antigen and protective antibodies. The three types of antibodies apparently exist both as separate molecules and united in the same molecule, suggesting that the antigenic groups stimulating them exist united in the same antigenic molecules in the organism. The bearing of this suggested polyspecificity of the antigenic substance of upon previous work is discussed.


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