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Response to ‘Refined analyses suggest that recombination is a minor source of genomic diversity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic cystic fibrosis infections’ by Williams et al. (2016 ), Page 1 of 1

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  1. Bertels F., Silander O. K., Pachkov M., Rainey P. B., van Nimwegen E.. 2014; Automated reconstruction of whole-genome phylogenies from short-sequence reads. Mol Biol Evol31:1077–1088 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  2. Darch S. E., McNally A., Harrison F., Corander J., Barr H. L., Paszkiewicz K., Holden S., Fogarty A., Crusz S. A., Diggle S. P.. 2015; Recombination is a key driver of genomic and phenotypic diversity in a Pseudomonas aeruginosa population during cystic fibrosis infection. Sci Rep5:7649 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
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    [Google Scholar]
  5. Williams D., Paterson S., Brockhurst M. A., Winstanley C.. 2016; Refined analyses suggest that recombination is a minor source of genomic diversity in Pseudomonas aeruginosachronic cystic fibrosis infections. MGen [CrossRef] [Epub ahead of print].
    [Google Scholar]

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