The BacT/ALERT FA-medium was evaluated to detect in pre-incubated blood samples. As published previously its predecessor the BacT/ALERT FAN-medium failed to detect in delayed entry samples. It is now reported that FA-medium tolerates a longer pre-incubation period at 36 °C, i.e. 8 h, before detection of fails in experimentally inoculated blood cultures. In clinical blood samples the frequency of false-negative results concerning was reduced from 46.9 % (FAN-medium) to 9.1 % (FA-medium). If media inoculated with are pre-incubated at room temperature for 24 h, false-negative results are not observed. Various micro-organisms (, , , , , ) were recognized after pre-incubation at room temperature with similar sensitivity compared to pre-incubation at 36 °C. It is concluded that FA-medium detects in delayed entry samples with increased sensitivity and pre-incubation at room temperature is superior to pre-incubation at 36 °C.


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