Several in vitro reactions between a strain of (no. 4195) and homologous antiserum have been delineated and compared. One complement-dependent and four complement-independent activities of antibody have been studied. The complement-dependent activity was mycoplasmacidal and was inhibited by the presence of arginine in the test medium. The complement-independent antibody-mediated reactions were not mycoplasmacidal and were four in number: () agglutination, which was manifested in buffered saline after incubation for 24–48 h at 36°C, and in which the end-points were dependent upon the concentration of antigen; () metabolic inhibition, in which antiserum added to liquid growth medium produced slowing of the rate at which the H rises during growth; () agglutination during growth, which occurred in liquid growth medium after the addition of antiserum and coincided with, but generally preceded, metabolic inhibition; and () inhibition of multiplication in which high concentrations of antiserum led to inhibition of multiplication or metabolic activity, with persistence of viable mycoplasmas, under otherwise favourable conditions of growth. The end-points for each of the above methods of detecting antibody are not identical.


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