We studied 148 strains of isolated from nonbacteriaemic infections and healthy carriers (group I) and 50 strains isolated from patients with bacteriaemia (group II). More than 90 per cent. of the strains in both groups produced lipase, esterase, protease, and a haemolysin most active on ox and rabbit erythrocytes. Between 60 and 90 per cent. gave a positive egg-yolk reaction, produced nuclease (DNAase and RNAase), lecithinase, elastase, staphylolytic enzyme, and another haemolysin most active on sheep and horse erythrocytes. No significant difference between the two groups in the formation of any of these factors was found. The strains of the two groups showed more than 100 different phage-typing patterns when tested with a set of 22 phages; only a few strains were untypable and no phage-typing pattern predominated. About one-third of all the strains belonged to Habs' serotype 6 and the rest of the strains were rather evenly distributed between the other serotypes without any difference between the two groups.


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