Sheep were immunised with a mixed vaccine containing the toxoids of and challenged at different intervals after immunisation. The sheep were wounded and challenged in the thigh muscle by a high-velocity bullet that passed through a piece of battledress impregnated with a suspension of either Cl. novyi spores or Cl. perfringens culture.

Immunisation was almost completely effective in preventing the onset of gas gangrene due to even 1 yr after immunisation, the survival rate being 82·5-94·5 per cent. within 90 per cent. confidence limits (rate for un-vaccinated controls: 2·5–8·5 per cent.). Vaccinated sheep that survived challenge with were later challenged with and survived this, the rate of survival being 8394·5 per cent. (rate for unvaccinated controls: 12–50 per cent.). The role that such a vaccine might play in the prevention of gas gangrene in man is discussed.


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