Sub-inhibitory concentrations of EDTA reduce the resistance of strains of to carbenicillin . With strains made resistant by habituation, the extent of the reduction of carbenicillin resistance produced by a fixed subinhibitory dose of EDTA (200 μg per ml) did not vary with the degree of resistance even though the development of this habituated resistance was associated with a loss of sensitivity of the bacterial cells to EDTA. This suggests (1) that the reduction of habituated carbenicillin resistance by EDTA is due to a synergistic effect of the EDTA-carbenicillin combination, and (2) that the development of habituated carbenicillin resistance in is due to a change in type or amount, or in both, of cell-wall lipopolysaccharide.

In carbenicillinase-producing resistant strains of , the amount of reduction of carbenicillin resistance by EDTA is variable and appears to be inversely related to the quantity of carbenicillinase produced by the bacterial strain.


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