The biological characteristics of eight mycoplasma strains isolated from the nasal cavities or lungs of pigs, and two strains obtained from pigs by other workers, were examined. All strains metabolised arginine but not glucose or urea. They produced characteristic “fried-egg” colonies, but did not grow in medium without serum. Bacterial colonies were not observed after passage of the strains in medium without antibiotics. The colonies did not cause rapid haemolysis of guinea-pig erythrocytes, nor did these cells adhere to the colonies. On the basis of metabolism-inhibition and disk growth-inhibition tests, the strains were closely related to one another. They were different from other mycoplasmas previously isolated from pigs, from various other animal mycoplasmas, and from all other known arginine-utilising mycoplasmas except the recently named and . It seems that the strains comprise a new mycoplasma species, are present in pigs in various parts of the world, and that the generic name has priority.


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