Non-pathogenic perfect yeasts isolated from clinical material are sometimes erroneously identified as species of imperfect genera, such as , because sporulation studies have not been made. Such misidentified isolates may be regarded as pathogens.

The sporulation characteristics of two haploid mating strains of and three homothallic strains of of indifferent sporing quality were examined, by comparing clonally related isolates derived from single vegetative cells, or from ascospores. The haploid strains produced spores only after mating. The media tested were sodium acetate agar, Gorodkowa agar, and V8 agar, and two temperatures of incubation, 23°C and 30°C, were used.

All subcultures of spored within 25 days on sodium acetate agar, and sporing occurred more rapidly at 23°C; 67 per cent. spored at 5 days. Subcultures of spored within 3 days. This medium is therefore recommended for use in diagnostic laboratories in the investigation of yeast isolates that cannot be identified readily as to genus or species.


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