Cytoplasmic inclusions produced in cells infected with RS virus appeared to contain RNA, which was stained by the methyl green-pyronin technique. The staining reaction was largely or totally prevented by pre-treatment with RNase. Hydrolysis with hot trichloro-acetic acid invariably removed all the pyronin-stainable material. These facts suggest that although the majority of the RNA present is probably single-stranded there is a small amount of a double-stranded form present. The inclusion material was also shown to exhibit green fluorescence after staining with acridine orange. Neither standard enzyme digestion procedures nor hot TCA extraction abolished the affinity of the inclusion material for acridine orange although variable results were obtained with higher concentrations (0·02 per cent.) of pepsin. The green fluorescence is probably due to dye-binding by protein. The inclusion material did not stain by the Feulgen, periodic acid-Schiff and oil red O techniques.


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