A periplasmic flagellin gene, , of serovar pomona (strain Pomona) was expressed in for the production and antigenic characterisation of the protein. The structural gene, which was previously cloned into pUC118, was derived by PCR from the recombinant plasmid and used to generate an expression construct with the promoter-driven pProEx HT system. Under the conditions employed, the was expressed as inclusion bodies formed within , yielding . 120 mg of the recombinant protein/L of culture. A polyhistidine tag introduced at the amino-acid terminus of the FlaB protein allowed for the purification of the protein by nickel-chelate affinity chromatography. The expressed protein reacted with both mouse and bovine antisera to on Western blots, indicating that it could be of use in the diagnosis of leptospirosis. The recombinant leptospiral flagellin may also be of value in studying its role in the pathogenesis of leptospirosis.


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