Production of toxins A and B by is enhanced in a defined medium with biotin-limited conditions. In the present study compounds inhibitory to enhanced toxin production by a strain were examined. Increases in biotin concentration from 0.05 nM to 50 nM accelerated growth and inhibited enhanced toxin production. Asparagine, glutamic acid and glutamine (10 mM) showed an effect on growth and toxin production similar to that of biotin. Lysine (10 mM) suppressed growth and inhibited toxin production. Addition of these toxin-inhibitory compounds within an incubation period of 2 days inhibited the enhanced toxin production, but later addition showed only slight inhibition of toxin production. Amino acids contained in the defined medium under the biotin-limited conditions were actively utilised in the presence of the three toxin-inhibitory amino acids, but in the presence of lysine, amino-acid utilisation was suppressed. Different mechanisms of action of these toxin-inhibitory molecules, which may be divided into excess biotin, asparagine-glutamic acid-glutamine group, and lysine, are discussed.


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