CHROMagar, a chromogenic differential culture medium, is claimed to facilitate the isolation and presumptive identification of certain clinically important yeast species, e.g., . This study evaluated the cost-effectiveness and time advantage of using it in comparison with Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA). Three possible pathways, each of which included the use of one or both media, were compared in a routine laboratory. A total of 21 yeast isolates was cultured from 298 clinical samples from neutropenic and AIDS patients. An overall sensitivity of 95.2% was observed for each medium and primary isolation on CHROMagar was found to be 100% sensitive and 100% specific for . For identification purposes, after initial culture the use of CHROMagar provided the most economical and least time-consuming method. Direct inoculation on to CHROMagar is recommended for blood cultures when yeast cells are seen on microscopy and where early appropriate therapy is imperative.


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