Because several reports have suggested that bacterial vaginosis causes premature labour and early rupture of the fetal membranes, the presence of a bacterial flora that causes bacterial vaginosis is thought to be a risk factor for premature labour. The present study investigated two patients with premature delivery and intra-uterine infection. In microbiological studies, Gram's staining of amniotic fluids revealed numerous neutrophils and epithelial cells but no micro-organisms. Culture of amniotic fluid before antibiotic therapy yielded only under anaerobic conditions; aerobic culture was negative. Vaginal discharge taken on the day of delivery yielded no growth in case 1 and and in case 2. Maternal sera showed specific antibodies to by ELISA and immunoblotting. As no possible cause of premature labour other than infection was detected, it is concluded that the intra-uterine infection was associated with premature labour in these patients.


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