The ultrastructural features of cells of from monocyte co-cultures and tissue biopsy specimens were compared. in cultures the bacteria were mainly extracellular, i.e., not within membrane-bound vacuoles. the bacterial body was surrounded by a uniformly extensive homogeneous layer with a relatively high electron density. This layer varied considerably in tissue biopsy specimens, having either homogeneously electron-dense or delicate web-like structures with varying density and thickness. in tissue specimens the bacteria were located predominantly within vacuoles of varying sizes in the cytoplasm of the macrophages and, occasionally, extracellularly within the intercellular spaces of the stroma. the bacterial cytoplasm contained ribosomes scattered throughout with electron-dense granules located peripherally. the trilaminar cell-wall structure was typical of a gram-negative organism, comprising an outer membrane, a middle electron-opaque layer and an inner plasma membrane. Surface structures such as fimbriae, flagella and bacteriophages were not identified in specimens from either source.


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