Twenty isolates resembling viridans streptococci, 16 from blood and four from gastric aspirates, from 17 cases of early onset neonatal sepsis were identified by the AP120 Strep, Rapid ID 32 Strep and conventional tests plus hydrolysis of methylumbelliferyl glycoside substrates. Nineteen of the isolates were identified as species of viridans streptococci and one as a sp. Ten of the isolates were , three biotype 1, two biotype 2 and one each of and . The Rapid ID 32 Strep and conventional plus methylumbelliferyl tests gave the same species identity for 17 of the isolates. was identified by the Rapid ID 32 Strep as and as , with at lower probability. The AP120 Strep failed to identify and identified as . The absence of certain critical tests, including urea hydrolysis, does not allow the AP120 Strep to identify all the currently recognised species of viridans steptococci. The species distribution was unexpected and the incidence of and other viridans streptococci in vaginal swabs from prenatal patients is being investigated further.


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