The production of fatty-acid modifying enzyme (FAME) - first identified as a possible virulence factor in - has also been identified in This extracellular enzyme inactivates bactericidal fatty acids by esterifying them to cholesterol. FAME may provide protection for by inactivating these lipids present on the skin. Over 88% of 51 randomly collected isolates produced FAME; 92.2% and 13.7% of the same strains produced lipase and slime, respectively. There appeared to be no correlation of lipase activity or slime production with FAME production. The temperature optimum for FAME was between 20°C and 35°C, and the pH optimum was 6.0. Optimal enzyme activity was present at NaCl concentrations of between 250 and 500 mM. FAME was not detected in culture filtrates until early stationary phase, indicating some regulatory control over enzyme production.


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