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  1. Frederiksen W., Ursing J. Proposed new bacterial taxa and proposed changes of bacterial names published during 1994 and considered to be of interest to medical or veterinary bacteriology. Med Microbiol Lett 1995; 4:391–396
    [Google Scholar]
  2. Frederiksen W. Names of new taxa and new names for known taxa, a current problem in the communication between taxonomists and users – what to do?. Folia Microbiol 1996; 41:219–222
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  4. Stackebrandt E., Koch C., Gvozdiak O., Schumann P. Taxonomic dissection of the genus Micrococcus: Kocuria gen. nov., Nesterenkonia gen. nov., Kytococcus gen. nov., Dermacoccus gen. nov., and Micrococcus Cohn 1872 gen. emend. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1995; 45:682–692
    [Google Scholar]

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