Heparan sulphate binding to cells of the gastric pathogen at pH 4-6 is common. Binding was inhibited by various unlabelled sulphated polysaccharides and at high ionic strength and pH, but not by carboxylated or non-sulphated compounds. The inhibition by various sulphated compounds such as dextran sulphate and carrageenans was related to the sulphate content and not to the carbohydrate polymer backbone. The IC50 values for heparin and dextran sulphate for strain 25 were calculated as 3.55 x 10 M and 5.01 x 10 M respectively. Heparin-binding proteins of are exposed on the cell surface, as shown by biotinylation of cell-surface proteins before separation of outer membranes and by an indirect immunofluorescence assay. The strongest biotin-heparin binding by was observed with a polypeptide in the 55-60 kDa region.


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