Lymph node biopsy specimens, obtained from 297 paediatric and adult patients with tuberculous lymphadenitis at Madurai, were transported in selective Kirchner's liquid medium (KL-T) to the Tuberculosis Research Centre, Madras and processed for culture. was isolated from 201 (68%) specimens. Of the 192 specimens within 4 days of resection, 134 (69.8%) yielded on culture and of the 105 specimens after 5 days, 67 (63.8%) were culture positive; the difference was not statistically significant. By incubating KL-T alone further, after removing the gland for processing, it was found that mere contact with the excised node during transportation was enough to retrieve 77 (38.3%) of the total of 201 positive isolates obtained, the delay did not affect the culture positivity rate. Thus, lymph node specimens for culture of tubercle bacilli can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 15 days and transported in KL-T at ambient temperature for 18–20 h without any loss in culture positivity.


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