Mice pre-treated with Concanavalin-A largely survived an intra-peritoneal inoculum of 2 X 107 , whereas all control mice died within 15 h of inoculation. A subpopulation of peritoneal macrophages from Con-A pre-treated mice was able to phagocytose the bacteria (6.7 SEM 1.2% phagocytosing cells) and (16.9 SEM 2.1%), whereas control phagocytes did not phagocytose . The survival of Con-A pre-treated mice allowed their immunisation with living bacteria, and the antiserum thus produced increased the phagocytosis of . Control mice largely survived an inoculum of suspended in 50% immune serum, although the bacteria were resistant to the bactericidal activity of that serum. These results suggest that, in contrast to the delayed humoral protection afforded by immunisation, phagocytosis by phagocytes activated by Con-A conferred early protection to mice against experimental infection by .


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