Two monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), designated as H9 (IgG2a) and H20 (IgM), directed against heat-shock protein 60 (HSP60) of strain TK1029 were established. Affinity-purified antigens cross-reacted in immunoblots with MAb H9 and MAb H20 respectively. These antigens also reacted with the 3C8 MAb previously established in this laboratory, which recognised HSP60. By amino-acid sequence analysis, the N-terminal amino-acid sequence of the protein recognised by both H9 and H20 MAbs was confirmed as the amino-acid sequence of HSP60 reported previously. Both MAbs reacted with nine strains of in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunoblot analysis. In addition, MAb H9 reacted with extracts of other bacteria including and . In contrast, MAb H20 reacted only with strains . These results suggest that both the species-specific epitope recognised by MAb H20 and the common epitope recognised by MAb H9 exist on HSP60 of the bacterial cell. Both MAbs also reacted with the 60-kDa protein in the lysate of human gastric carcinoma (MKN45) cells. It was shown by immunohistochemical staining that gastric epithelial cells of four out of six biopsy specimens examined stained positively with MAb H20. These results suggest that there is a common epitope in HSP60 and human gastric epithelial cells.


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