Fatty acid modifying enzyme (FAME) is an extracellular enzyme that inactivates staphylocidal lipids by catalysing the esterification of these lipids to cholesterol. In-vitro expression of FAME began at the start of the stationary phase. This expression of FAME was very similar to other staphylococcal extracellular proteins controlled by the global regulators Agr and Sar. A strain ISP546 (Agr) produced 80% less FAME than an isogenic Agr strain ISP479C. Similar results were obtained with the isogenic Agr/Agr strain pair RN6390 and RN6911. A strain R (Sar) produced 86% less FAME than an isogenic Sar strain RN6390. However, lipase assays on the same culture filtrates from the Sar/Sar strains did not demonstrate any affect on lipase production by the mutation.


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