An ELISA was developed for the detection of IgG antibodies to collagen binding protein (CnBP) in 95 patients with endocarditis, complicated septicaemia with bone and joint involvement or uncomplicated septicaemia and in 95 control patients. Sixty percent of -infected patients showed a positive peak anti-CnBP antibody level or a significant rise in titre, or both, during infection, but patients with endocarditis or complicated septicaemia could not be differentiated from those with uncomplicated septicaemia. The collagen binding capacity of strains from 82 of the 95 patients was investigated in a particle agglutination assay and a I-labelled assay. All strains bound collagen in the particle agglutination assay as did 68 % in the I-labelled assay, but there was no correlation between collagen binding of the patient strain and endocarditis, joint or skeletal involvement. An anti-CnBP antibody response was seen in 16 patients infected with a strain negative for collagen binding , indicating in-vivo expression of CnBP.


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