The bactericidal activity of two new 4-quinolones, DU-6859a and DV-7751a, was investigated against strains of and . DU-6859a and DV-7751a were more bactericidal than any 4-quinolone tested previously. Furthermore, DU-6859a was unique among 4-quinolones in being able to kill after incubation for only 3 h in nutrient broth. The bactericidal mechanisms of DV-7551a were similar to those of other 4-quinolones, but, uniquely, DU-6859a possessed additional bactericidal mechanisms against both and . This may explain the unusually potent bactericidal activity of this agent against these species. These results show that DU-6859a is a unique extended-spectrum 4-quinolone, which should prove to be superior to established 4-quinolones.


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