The production of a family of haemolysins–thermostable direct haemolysin (Vp-TDH), Vp-TDH-related haemolysin (Vp-TRH) and Vp-TDH/I–has been reported in clinical isolates of . This paper describes a fourth type of haemolysin–Vp-TDH/II–produced by a Kanagawa phenomenon-negative clinical isolate of (O13: K, untypable). Vp-TDH/II was purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation and successive filtrations on DEAE-cellulose, hydroxyapatite, Sepharose 4B and Mono Q columns. Vp-TDH/II was biophysicochemically and immunologically similar to, but not identical to Vp-TDH, Vp-TRH and Vp-TDH/I. Vp-TDH/II stimulated vascular permeability in rabbit skin and was lethal to mice. Purified Vp-TDH/II and viable cells of the Vp-TDH/II-producing strain both induced fluid accumulation in ligated rabbit intestine. The plasmid-determined structural gene for Vp-TDH/II was cloned and the nucleotide sequence determined. The deduced amino acid sequence of Vp-TDH/II differed from those of Vp-TDH, Vp-TRH and Vp-TDH/I.


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