The antigenic profiles of trophozoites and cysts were compared by immunoblotting with hyperimmune rat sera against cyst and trophozoite antigens. Strong bands corresponding to proteins of 50–60 kDa and 104 kDa were demonstrated in cyst and trophozoite antigens by all antisera. Additional prominent proteins of 81 and 63 kDa and less prominent proteins of 88, 73, 69 and 37 kDa were found only in trophozoite antigen. The latter proteins were recognised by anti-trophozoite and anti-cyst antisera but the 81- and 63-kDa proteins were associated specifically with trophozoites. With cyst-rich antigen, antibodies to the 50–60-kDa protein were detected in only two of 14 sera from pneumonia (PCP)-positive rats. With trophozoite-rich antigen, 11 of 24 rats with PCP and one of 18 PCP-negative animals had antibodies to both the 50–60 kDa and 104-kDa antigens. Antibodies to the 81- or 63-kDa antigens were demonstrated in 15 of 24 PCP-positive animals and none of the PCP-negative animals. The use of trophozoites rather than cysts increased the sensitivity of immunoblotting. As trophozoites predominate in PCP, antibody to trophozoite-specific antigens rather than common cyst and trophozoite antigens is likely to be a more useful marker of current infection.


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