Three hundred and nine strains of isolated from infants and children with diarrhoea but not belonging to any recognised classes of diarrhoeagenic were investigated for their ability to adhere to HeLa cells in the presence of D-mannose. An enteroadherent-aggregative pattern (EAgg) was observed in 32.03%, localised adherence (LA)in 4.5%, diffuse adherence (DA) in 5.8%, and LA/DA and EAgg/LA in 1.9% and 1.2% of the isolates respectively. The results obtained with 100 control isolates were: EAgg 17%, LA 2%, DA 2%, LA/DA 2%, EAgg/LA 6% and DA/EAgg 1%. No adherence was manifested by 168 (54.36%) of 309 diarrhoeal isolates and 70% of the 100 control isolates. The results of this study showed that amongst non-enteropathogenic , strains exhibiting the EAgg pattern are significantly associated with diarrhoea (p < 0.005). Most of these strains showed a pattern of multiple drug resistance.


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