The relationship between , one of the species of the group”, and was studied in a model of pneumonia in mice and to elucidate mechanisms of pathogenicity in“ group”-associated pulmonary infection. Acute pneumonia with or without empyema and lung abscess in mice with mixed infection resulted in 60% mortality rate, but there was only 10% mortality and mild pneumonia in each separate infection. Bacterial clearance of organisms, especially , in mixed infection was delayed. Enhancement of growth of was demonstrated when cultured with ; growth was also stimulated by a culture filtrate of which also inhibited bactericidal activity of human neutrophils. In an examination of infectivity and bacterial clearance of with culture filtrate , there was 20% mortality and delayed clearance of , although the infection was not as severe as that produced by the combination of both organisms. These results suggest that may act with in the production of pulmonaryinfections by stimulating its growth and suppressing bactericidal activity of the host.


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