The faecal excretion rate of salmonellae in migratory wild ducks is higher than previous studies would indicate. Examination of 477 duck droppings during the winters of 1968/69 and 1969/70 gave isolation rates of just over 4 per cent. The commonest serotype was ; seven different phage-types were found, 2a being the most frequent.

We wish to thank the Metropolitan Water Board for granting permission to one of us (T. R. M.) to collect material from Barn Elms Reservoir. We would also like to thank Professor H. I. Winner for his help and encouragement in the preparation of this paper; Dr Joan Taylor of the Salmonella Reference Laboratory, Colindale, and Dr E. S. Anderson of the Enteric Reference Laboratory, Colindale, for confirming the identity of the salmonella serotypes and for carrying out the subsequent phage-typing.


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