Hormonal effects on the uptake of amino acids by have been studied in relation to the reported antibacterial action of the hormones. Progesterone at 40 μg per ml retarded the uptake of C-alanine and C-glutamic acid. Diethylstilboestrol, testosterone and oestradiol-17β exerted similar inhibitory effects, whereas 17α-hydroxyprogesterone did not. Maximum inhibition of alanine uptake occurred at a cellular density corresponding to 260 μg dry weight per ml, at a H value between 5·7 and 7·0, and with diethylstilboestrol at a concentration of 20 μg per ml. The assimilation of alanine by and was not inhibited by progesterone. The data are correlated with inhibitory phenomena previously observed and indicate parameters for further research toward elucidation of the hormonal mechanism of inhibition of .


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