It has been suggested that the bactericidal antibody associated with immunity to acute primary infections is that produced against the capsular antigen of type b. In a previous study, however, the bactericidal and the type-b capsular antibodies were found to have different age-distributions. In the present studies the age-distributions of children with bactericidal antibody and of those with agglutinins against non-capsulated strains were found to be similar. Furthermore, it was possible to absorb type-b bactericidins from rabbit antisera with non-capsulated strains without removing the type-b capsular antibody. These findings, together with other evidence in the literature, suggest that the antigen responsible for the production of the bactericidal antibody is somatic and is possessed by non-capsulated strains, although attempts to produce type-b bactericidins in rabbits immunised with these non-capsulated strains were unsuccessful.


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