A new aerobic gram-positive non-sporeforming bacillus has been isolated from infected genital hair of patients with white piedra in association with This species has been characterised morphologically, nutritionally, by DNA base composition, cell-wall analysis and cellular fatty-acid profile on the basis of 14 isolates. The G + C content of DNA is 63·05 mol%. Cell walls possess -diaminopimelic acid (Type IV) and the sugars glucose, galactose, xylose and ribose; mycolic acids are not present. The species has a distinct colonial and microscopic morphology, is strongly proteolytic and produces methanethiol. These findings and the cellular fatty-acid profile are compatible with the genus . A new species is proposed based on the following characters: Colonial and microscopic growth and morphology; conditions for rod-to-coccus cycle; ribose utilisation; and tellurite reduction. The type strain has been named E2cr (ATCC 49030). The strong proteolytic properties may be the mechanism of pathogenesis.


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