Potassium tellurite was assessed for the selection of verocytotoxigenic (VT) O157. MICs were higher for VT O157 than for other strains of and for spp. MacConkey medium containing sorbitol, tellurite and cefixime (TC-SMAC) permitted the growth of VT O157 and but partially or completely inhibited the growth of 67% of other strains of and all or most strains of other sorbitol-non-fermenting species tested. Of 391 rectal swabs from cattle screened on TC-SMAC medium, 26 yielded isolates of VT O157 whereas sorbitol-MacConkey medium with cefixime and rhamnose yielded only nine isolates. Inclusion of potassium tellurite in sorbitol-MacConkey agar markedly increased the rate of isolation of VT O157 from cattle rectal swabs and may do so for other types of specimen.


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