strains isolated from the same stool sample were characterised by determination of biochemical properties and both heat-labile (Lior) and heat-labile (Lior) and heat-stable (Lauwers) serotype. In six of 60 campylobacter-infected stools, two or three strains differing in Lior-serotype were isolated from the same stool. In four of these six cases, the isolates with different Lior-serotypes showed identical biochemical reactions and identical heat-stable antigens patterns. A predominant Lior-serotype was not detected among them but Lauwersantigens O:3, O:14 and O:16 were found in isolates from three of the six stool samples. Moreover, the isolates were identified as in 76≪5% of the stool samples (p≪0·05). We believe that variation in heat-labile antigens occurs and might be associated particularly with certain heat-stable serotypes of


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