Peritoneal cells from rats infected intraperitoneally with and alone or in combination were examined . Cells were harvested 6 h after implantation of fibrin clots infected with or , separately or containing both species, and assayed for their bactericidal capacities, chemiluminescence and production of cidal metabolites. Peritoneal cell populations from rats with implants of any of the infected clots showed similar distribution of different subpopulations. Bactericidal activity of peritoneal cells did not differ with the bacterial species used. Chemiluminescence values of peritoneal cells from rats with mono-infected or mixed-infected implanted clots, after stimulation with either particles or chemical stimuli, were significantly higher than those of rats with mono-infected or sterile clots. The same tendency was seen with regard to the production of cidal metabolites such as hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anions although no significant differences were found.


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