The relationship between serogroup and genotype of strains was investigated by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) typing with a previously standardised method. Of the 51 RFLP types identified, 19 comprised strains of more than one serogroup. Several RFLP types included strains of five or more serogroups. To determine if sharing the same RFLP type indicates that strains are genotypically indistinguishable or merely that they are superficially similar, 31 strains were selected for further analysis with an extended range of restriction endonucleases and nucleic acid probes. In some cases, strains of a particular RFLP type were indistinguishable, while in others the restriction fragment patterns showed minor differences. It is possible that in the latter case the strains are diverging representatives of a parent clone. We conclude that analysis of restriction fragment patterns, either probed or unprobed, provides a more accurate measure of the ancestral relationship between strains than can be obtained with serological methods.


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