Oxoid VET-RPLA, ST-EIA and Pharmacia Phadebact ETEC-LT enterotoxin tests were compared to find a simple but reliable method for detecting enterotoxigenic (ETEC) in Hungary. In the Oxoid tests, all six reference LT-or ST-producing strains, except one ST-producer, gave positive results. Of 11 reference porcine enterotoxigenic strains, all four LT-producers gave positive reactions for LT but three of 10 ST-producers gave negative reactions for ST. Thirteen of 50 strains from culture collections of H. Steinrück (Germany) were LT and nine of 33 were ST. When 31 isolates were tested simultaneously with the Oxoid and the Pharmacia LT tests, 12 strains were LT by the Oxoid LT test but by the Phadebact LT test only seven of these strains were LT and, of the remainder, three gave uncertain results and two gave negative results. Of 69 porcine strains, seven were LT and three ST. Of 901 human strains isolated in Hungary, 10 were LT and one of 24 tested was ST. In two cases, ETEC strains were isolated from contacts of travellers returning from Mongolia and Bangladesh. Results of comparative studies with reference strains corresponded well to those of the classical toxin detection tests. The Oxoid test was rapid, sensitive, specific and easy to perform and is recommended for use in screening ETEC isolates.


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