Clostridium sordellii produces two toxins, designated HT (haemorrhagic toxin) and LT (lethal toxin), that are similar to toxins A and B of The physicochemical properties of toxins HT and A were remarkably similar. The specific biological activities of toxin HT were almost the same as those of toxin A, and their NH-terminal sequences shared close homology. The properties of toxins LT and B were similar, as were their NH-terminal sequences, but toxin B was much more cytotoxic than toxin LT. Immunodiffusion analysis with specific antibodies showed that although toxins B and LT shared major antigenic determinants, each had unique epitopes. The results suggest that toxins B and LT have diverged more than toxins A and HT. Immunoblotting with antibodies to the toxins of showed that toxins HT and LT had common antigenic determinants.


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