Tightly spiralled bacteria () were seen in the pyloric mucosa of the stomach of 13 (10.8%) of 120 pigs that appeared clinically healthy at slaughter and in the fundic mucosa of three (5.0%) out of 60 pigs. The spiral organism could not be cultured from any pig. Chronic gastritis was observed in the pyloric mucosa of 53 (44.2%) of 120 pigs and in the fundic mucosa of 7 (11.7%) of 60 pigs. The 13 pigs with spiral bacteria in the pyloric region comprised one animal (7.7%) with normal pyloric mucosa, two (15.4%) with „borderline gastritis”, and 10 (76.9%) with chronic gastritis–in one instance accompanied by signs of activity (numerous polymorphonuclear cells). The three pigs with spiral bacteria in the fundic mucosa comprised two animals with a normal fundic region and one with „borderline gastritis”. The presence of the spiral bacterium was significantly associated with pyloric gastritis (p = 0.013) and with numbers of lymphoid follicles (p = 0.014).


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