The number of haemopbili in saliva was estimated by growth on a selective medium consisting of chocolate agar containing bacitracin (10 units per ml) and cloxacillin (5 μg per ml). The mean count of 100 saliva specimens was 31·79x10 haemophili per ml of saliva.

Area sampling on to selective medium from the cheek, palate and tongue often subjects gave mean counts of haemophili of 3870, 5675 and 7415 per cm respectively.

Examination of the colonies on ten randomly selected saliva plate counts showed that 92·8 per cent. were V-dependent and that the remaining 7·2 per cent. required V and X factors. No haemophili requiring only X factor were isolated. The V-dependent haemophili could be subdivided into five groups on the basis of growth in broth containing 0·2 per cent. Teepol, production of capsules, agglutination of human red blood cells, and beta-haemolysis on horse blood agar.

The mixed mass of oral bacteria when growing in culture will support satellite growth of , but V factor could be demonstrated in saliva only when it had been heated at 60°C for 1 hr. Neither the saliva nor the bacteria in it was a source of X factor.


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