Eight recently isolated strains of , seven of which originated in Britain, were compared with two strains of this species from the National Collection of Type Cultures.

The principal characteristics of were: Gram-negative, nonmotile ovals and rods; usually grows as depressed or pitting colonies on agar media, but also produces non-pitting variants; prefers CO -enriched atmospheres or anaerobic conditions on primary isolation, but becomes a facultative anaerobe on subculture in the laboratory; catalase-negative; oxidase-positive; nitrate reduced to nitrite; arginine dihydrolase not produced, lysine and ornithine decarboxylase produced; acid not produced from carbohydrates; otherwise biochemically inert.

The DNA-base composition was determined by the melting-temperature method and was found to range from 56·2 to 58·2 per cent. GC.


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