Yeasts were isolated from two or more anatomical sites in 198 women attending genitourinary clinics on at least two occasions. The yeast biotypes isolated concurrently from the vagina and urethra were the same in 138 (99%) of 140 instances, and 94% of 124 concurrent genital and anal isolates were of matching types, whereas only 75% of concurrent genital and oral isolates were of the same type. Mixtures of spp. or biotypes were encountered only five times among 545 yeast-positive samples. In instances where spp. were isolated at successive times from the same site in a patient, the same yeast type was encountered on 97 (87%) of 112 occasions when the interval between samples was less than 15 weeks, and on 19 (66%) of 29 occasions when the interval was 15 weeks or more. These data indicate a tendency to carriage of phenotypically consistent types of among most women attending genitourinary clinics.


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