The 47-Kda component of is an immunodominant antigen in the serology of systemic candidosis. Immuno-electronmicroscopy with an affinitypurified antibody to the 47-Kda antigen showed that it was present in the cytoplasm and cell wall of both yeast and mycelial cells. It was found in discrete areas on the inner and outer borders of the cell wall and was mainly located within the wall rather than exposed on the outer surface. Sometimes it appeared to be in channels across the cell wall. In the cytoplasm, it was usually near the cytoplasmic membrane and occasionally appeared in vesicular areas. It was not detected in the nucleus or mitochondria. The 47-Kda antigen did not bind to Concanavalin A, and antigenicity was lost after protease digestion. Peptide mapping suggested that the antigen was highly conserved between different strains of


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