The relationships between capsulate and non-capsulate strains and , and between capsulate and non-capsulate strains of the group and , were studied in a subcutaneous abscess model in mice. Selective antimicrobial agents directed against either aerobic or anaerobic bacteria were used alone or in combination to explore the effect of eradication of one component of the mixed infection. Single agent therapy effective against both aerobic and anaerobic flora was also employed. Single therapy of mixed infection directed at the elimination of only one organism ( or sp.) caused significant reductions in the numbers of sensitive organisms and also smaller yet significant decreases in the numbers of insensitive organisms. However, the abscesses were not eliminated after such therapy. Combination therapy or use of a single agent (cefoxitin) directed against the aerobic and anaerobic components of the infection was more effective. Non-capsulate spp. became capsulate after passage in mice mixed with either or Therapy directed at the elimination of and did not prevent the emergence of capsulate spp. These data demonstrate the synergy between all members of the group and and between the group and , and reiterate the need to direct antimicrobial therapy at the eradication of the aerobic and anaerobic components of mixed infections.


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