Ligated ileal loops in rats of the Charles-Foster strain, weighing 200–250 g and aged 7–8 months, provided a sensitive and reproducible means of testing the enterotoxigenicity of . All of 16 chicken isolates caused fluid accumulation comparable to that produced by toxigenic O1, strain 569B. However, 11 of the isolates required one to three consecutive passages through the rat gut before doing so. The amount of fluid produced increased after each passage. Of three culture media tested, brucella broth of 6.7 supported the highest degree of enterotoxigenesis. Filtrates of cultures of all 16 chicken isolates in this medium were as effective as viable in producing fluid in ileal loops. The enterotoxin was neutralised completely by cholera antitoxin diluted 1 in 160, indicating its close immunobiological relationship to cholera toxin.


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