Murine monoclonal antibodies and immune rabbit serum were raised against the rough mutant strain R 595. These antibodies were tested for their opsonic activity against the homologous strain and the smooth wild type by luminol-dependent chemiluminescence and a microscopic assessment of phagocytosis. Immune rabbit serum opsonised both strains. Treatment with normal rabbit serum inhibited the phagocytic uptake of R 595. None of the monoclonal antibodies RE01 (anti-KDO), RE12 (anti-KDO) and RE23 (anti-lipid A) were opsonic. Unopsonised R595 stimulated marked chemiluminescence possibly because of its hydrophobic surface, but this was not reflected in increased uptake by phagocytic cells. Results obtained with luminoldependent chemiluminescence should be interpreted with caution when the opsonisation of rough bacterial strains or those with high surface hydrophobicity is being investigated.


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