Anti-lipopolysaccharide equine hyperimmune plasma (anti-LPS), which has been used successfully to treat LPS (endotoxin)-mediated disorders, has been further characterised. IgG present in anti-LPS had the highest affinity for LPS prepared from and and intermediate affinity for O55:B5, O127:B8 Anti-LPS destroyed by means of complement activation a wide range of gram-negative bacteria, including various species and strains of Control plasmas or saline had little or no effect. Maximum killing occurred within seconds to minutes. Electronmicroscopy showed that anti-LPS treatment of caused extensive cell wall and cytoplastic membrane disruption, followed by the appearance of spheroplasts and cell ghosts. Antibodies were required in 100 000-fold excess to inhibit the limulus amoebocyte lysate reaction with LPS from Anti-LPS thus contains IgG that binds to a wide range of LPS, and can destroy a wide range of gram-negative bacteria by means of complement activation.


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