The immunological responses of rabbits after intra-duodenal immunisation with live organisms were studied in various body fluids. Serum, bile and intestinal samples were collected from rabbits at different times (1-8 weeks) after immunisation. Three different extracts from the small intestine were prepared. At first the small intestine was washed with saline (method A). Later, ultrasonic lysates were prepared from epithelial cells separated with citrate (method B) and of mucosal tissue above the muscularis layer (method C). All had agglutinating activities against strains belonging to both biotypes (classical and el tor) and both serotypes (Ogawa and Inaba). Levels in intestinal extracts, sera and bile of antibodies to somatic (lipopolysaccharide and cell-surface proteins) and secreted (cholera toxin and neuraminidase) antigens of were determined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. All contained antibodies to these antigens; although both IgA and IgG were present, IgA predominated. Serum and bile samples contained mainly IgG and IgA respectively. Immunoblotting studies demonstrated that the antisera contained antibodies to most cell-surface proteins and to cholera toxin. Cell-surface proteins appeared to be the major cross-reacting somatic antigens of


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